The National Curriculum was introduced in 1988. It is valuable, important, based on a drive for equality and standardised merit. But over time, teachers have also been encouraged to personalise, be inclusive, scaffold, differentiate, make relevant, be bespoke...

So how do you truly do those things if the National Curriculum doesn't 'fit' your pupils? How far can you flex the teaching, learning and assessment? 

Sometimes it's best not to take that square peg and hammer it into that round hole. It might break. Best to take the peg, handle it gently and have a good, long, hard look at it. And then go from there. 

Ash Field Academy has developed three pathways specific to the needs of their pupils. The three pathways are designed for students with:

  • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (Blue Pathway)
  • Severe Learning Difficulties (Green Pathway)
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties (Yellow Pathway)

Jess Renner (Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning) will share with you the journey Ash Field went on to develop these pathways and will look at the impact this has had. 

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Curriculum Design - Different Pathways Free
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